Episode #8: Version 1 & Analytics Institute: Ethics in Data Science

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Expert Panel: The Rise of the Algorithm and the Implications for Ethics in Data Science

For Episode #8 of the One Zero One podcast, Version 1, in association with the Analytics Institute, we brought together perspectives from academia, media, and industry to discuss the challenges of responsible data science in the age of the algorithm. This podcast was recorded live during the interactive event with live polling and Q&A technology.

The role of Data Science in today’s technology-driven world impacts a range of industries from the health sector to financial services, to developing smart cities and transportation.

Although the benefits of Data Science have become seemingly clear and its impact noted across said environments, the dangers of data science without ethical considerations are equally apparent — whether it be the protection of personal data, the bias in automated decision-making, the apparent elimination of free choice in psychographics or the social impacts of automation.

Ronan Laffan, Head of Advisory Services, Version 1 hosted this episode, the expert panel for the discussion featured:

  • Dr. Joan Cahill, Centre for Innovative Human Systems, Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr. Katherine O’Keefe, Chief Ethicist, Castlebridge
  • Niall O’Neil, Chief Strategy Officer, OneView Healthcare
  • Garvan Callan, Financial Services Transformation Advisor, OneZero1

Listen or download this episode to hear an in-depth discussion around Data Ethics, and what our panel feel is of importance for businesses, professionals and individuals to consider when it comes to utilising emerging technologies.

Once technology has started to come into widespread use, we really need to think about the ethical implications. We build it for one purpose or because we can, and don’t necessarily think about ethics. This suddenly introduces all sorts of ethical issues, for example drones, have we made it too easy to spy on people, or was the ability for them to launch missiles in the concept when we were building a consumer product?

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