Episode #20: Fin Goulding, CTO at Flow Academy

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Series 3 of the One Zero One podcast continues our journey of exploring what tech leaders around the UK have been doing to manage and drive digital change and positive progress despite the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Sooraj Shah, a technology-focused journalist (the BBC, The Independent, The Guardian, Business Insider & more) speaks to Fin Goulding, CTO at Flow Academy in this episode to discuss all things Agile, DevOps and Digital Transformation – particularly in the context of the ‘digital-first’ remote-working environment organisations are operating in currently due to COVID-19.

Year-on-year Fin Goulding has been listed as a Global Top 100 CIO/CTO and has extensive digital and agile expertise as a hands-on transformation practitioner. Today as the CTO at Flow Academy, Fin works with companies in any sector who need help either starting or repairing their transformation (be that business/digital or agile) and gets them back on track.

A co-author of multiple books including “Flow: A Handbook for Change-Makers, Mavericks, Innovation Activists and Leaders – Simplifying Digital Transformation” and “12 Steps to Flow: The New Framework for Business Agility” – Fin is an active member of ‘The Agile Business Community’ and shares his deep level of expertise and insights with the One Zero One listeners throughout this episode.

Tune into Fin Goulding’s episode to learn more about where Agile is today (twenty years on from the Agile Manifesto), what organisations are adopting Agile for and how organisations are seeking help from Agile practices during the global pandemic with the sudden roll-out of remote working.

You have to look at boiling a programme of work down to even just one small delivery or project with 3-5 people and giving those people the skills to deliver in an Agile way. This gives executives a chance to actually see it in action and that particular way of working gives you confidence to start to scale and expand whereas what you see in traditional way is organisations going and hiring 200 people and get going. I think the cultural side of transformation is completely missing then.
- Fin Goulding, CTO at Flow Academy

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