Episode #4: James Hall, AWS Hero and Founder/Director at Parallax

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For Episode #4 of the One Zero One podcast, Jamie Linford from Version 1 took a deep-dive into the rising popularity of Serverless, discussing why it is being embraced by businesses worldwide with James Hall, ‘AWS Hero’ and the Founder/Director of the Digital agency Parallax.

James Hall has been working in the digital sector for over a decade. He is the author of the popular jsPDF library, and is a founder/Director of Parallax, a digital agency in the UK.

James has contributed to and promotes the Serverless Framework which allows you to build web applications on top of Lambda and related services. Notably, James built an online recording studio for David Guetta and UEFA using Serverless technology shortly after API Gateway was released, which won him the title of an ‘AWS Hero’ from Amazon Web Services themselves. As he discusses with Jamie in this episode – he didn’t receive a cape for this accolade, but he was happy with the news all the same!

Listen or download this episode to hear more from James Hall regarding Serverless, why he was asked to call up NASA, and his work on a wide variety of projects, from LED Billboards, car unlocking apps, to large web applications and tools.

“Serverless means you don't have to overprovision and an example of this was a project we did for UEFA. Serverless allowed us to not worry about unexpected spikes in traffic and instead of spending £4000-5000 a day, it actually ended up only costing less than a few hundred pounds for the whole campaign which resulted in a massive cost-saving and we didn’t have to worry about the infrastructure either. Serverless is a complete game-changer, to be honest.”
- James Hall, AWS Hero and Founder/Director at Parallax

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