Episode #1: John Beckett, CEO & Co-Founder of ChannelSight

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From kickstarting Ryanair’s multi-billion-euro online business in 2000 as a teenager, to running a high-growth e-commerce SaaS platform that recently raised $10m in external funding, the first episode of the One Zero One podcast by Version 1 features John Beckett, the CEO & Co-Founder of ChannelSight. ChannelSight is an innovative company on a mission to craft the future of shopping, partnering with brands, publishers and broadcasters to generate incremental revenue by making all digital content ‘shoppable’. In this honest and informative discussion, John shares his stories and insights with Róisín Healy from Version 1, including his thoughts on running a high growth venture-backed business, the lessons he has learned about understanding and communicating great business propositions, and the importance of innovation for a SaaS e-commerce platform.

My advice for anyone trying to succeed with an innovative idea or a new venture is to get out there and talk to people. A lot of people protect their ideas, not talking about them or they try to get people to sign NDAs. If your idea is really genuinely good, it's highly unlikely that it's going to be so important for you to protect that idea that you can't even talk about it. You've got to get out there and talk to customers, prospective customers, and investors early.
- John Beckett, CEO & Co-Founder of ChannelSight
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