Episode #16: Mark Ridley, CTO Advisory Firm, Ridley Industries

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Series 2 of the One Zero One podcast continues with a (pre-quarantine) discussion with Mark Ridley, Director at CTO Advisory Firm Ridley Industries and our host Peter Gothard.

Mark Ridley is an entrepreneur and technologist working with startups and corporates to ensure that technology is used creatively and effectively to support their strategy. Recognised as one of the top ten CIOs in the UK, he writes and speaks regularly about the use of technology, agile methodologies and digital working.

Mark was the technical co-founder of reed.co.uk, the largest job site in the UK, where he served as technology director during its growth from four people to over 350.

We often speak of SaaS on One Zero One, but interestingly on this episode, we spoke to Mark about TLaaS – Technology Leadership as a Service.

Working with startup founders, executive teams and established technology functions, Mark Ridley helps businesses align their strategy and structure with their business goals.

Download or stream this episode for a very insightful discussion around the pitfalls of innovation without constraints or objectives, why celebrating ‘failure’ in Agile isn’t really something to celebrate and how senior technologists shouldn’t necessarily be solely focused on the CTO role for career progression.

We hear a lot about celebrating failure and some of it is nonsense. If we peel back why we should celebrate failure, what you're really trying to do is stand up and experiment. So you're trying to celebrate the successful running of the experiment and acknowledging the fact that disproving the hypothesis is a valid outcome. You should aim to be about 50% successful in experiments, and 50% unsuccessful because if you are always succeeding to prove the experiment or hypothesis you've set up, then you're not being brave enough.
- Mark Ridley, CTO Advisory Firm Ridley Industries

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