Episode #7: Scott Carey, Group Editor B2B at IDG UK

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For Episode #7 of the One Zero One podcast, Paul Slade from Version 1 met with Scott Carey, Group Editor – B2B at IDG UK to discuss the disruption of the Financial Services industry by Fintech businesses, innovation and the relevance of ‘buzzwords’ such as Machine Learning in the IT space right now.

With a background in Journalism, Scott Carey is responsible for all content across the organisation’s four B2B titles: Computerworld UK, CIO UK, CSO UK and Techworld. Scott writes for and edits these sites day-to-day, manages a growing team of writers and supports events and commercial editorial work.

Innovative startups have been disrupting many sectors with modern technologies, but one area that Scott has observed a particularly tight race against disruption is within the financial sector across the UK. Fintech organisations have really disrupted banking, and the banks must keep changing to meet modern user expectations. Scott has a keen interest in observing how the financial services sector navigate their way (and meet user demands) through the Digital Age. Paul takes a deep dive into this topic with Scott to understand how innovation and Fintech disruptors have affected the technology priorities and innovation efforts of the banks in the UK.

Listen or download this episode to hear Paul Slade and Scott Carey in discussion on the One Zero One podcast.

Visit ComputerWorld, Techworld or CIO UK, to catch up on the latest news, trends and opinions for UK technology professionals and tech enthusiasts.


What a lot of organisations have learnt over the last few years is that the idea of setting up a small Innovation Lab in the corner with some smart people, or building an accelerator program, hasn't really paid dividends. This approach hasn't led to many results as the foundations aren't there, they don't have access to the data, tools or buy in from certain people they need to get off the ground.
- Scott Carey, Group Editor B2B at IDG UK

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