Oracle Fusion Apps

Subscription optimisation and remediation for Oracle Fusion Apps

What is Oracle Fusion? 

Oracle Fusion Applications, also known as Oracle Fusion SaaS is a cloud-based suite of Oracle applications built for business tasks such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and human capital management (HCM).

Oracle Fusion Apps Optimisation

The main challenge with Oracle Fusion Application is tracking users and applying the correct roles and privileges to the most appropriate user and user groups, as outlined below;

  • Issues caused by users with authorised access to privileges that they do not require and/or which trigger unsubscribed SKUs.
  • Challenges around the bundling of privileges in roles/groups, as not all users require the full privileges when companies implement the solution.
  • Lack of role segregation allowing for reporting specific SKU use.
  • Generic users, double counting users with multiple accounts and users assigned to subscriptions by job function that they do not need.
  • Service Usage Metrics Reports which should be used with care, not in isolation and with some knowledge and expertise around interpretation.

All these issues cause over usage of cloud subscriptions and unnecessary extra spending that ultimately would not occur if appropriate asset management was in place.

Why Version 1’s License Experts?

Version 1’s license experts have a deep understanding of the licensing and subscription policies around Oracle Fusion Apps and the impact that overuse of  cloud subscriptions can have.  This is gained from multiple client engagements across a broad range of industry sectors over the last 10 years. Our Oracle license experts in conjunction with the Version 1 Control license optimisation and software asset management methodology can help you with the following:

Ensure your Oracle Fusion Application subscription environment is optimally configured factoring in current, retired and new suite style SKUs.
Advise on Oracle Fusion Apps subscription remediation activities.
Optimise Oracle Fusion Application subscription costs on an ongoing basis and during transition to the new suite style SKUs if adopted.
Preparation of Oracle Fusion Application Strategies for Audit & Renewal.
Audit Defence during Oracle Fusion Apps Active Audit.
Avoid unbudgeted cost & fines associated with subscription over use.


Based on our extensive knowledge of Oracle Fusion Application subscriptions, Version 1 Control underpins our license consulting and software asset management services and ensures the integrity, reliability and accuracy of data driven decisions. You can expect to realise the following benefits:

Reduce business risk through license subscription usage management.
Reduce unnecessary spend through effective SAM methodologies.
Improve IT efficiency & productivity by outsourcing specialist licensing skills.
Improve cost control through effective buying strategies.
Improve vendor relationships. Focus on long term engagement strategy avoiding confrontational audits.

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