Oracle Java Audit Defence

Reduce cost and risk with our Oracle Java Audit Defence

Reduce cost and risk with our Oracle Java Audit Defence

In April 2019, Oracle made changes to the commercial and licensing policies for Oracle Java SE. At the time, this represented a significant change for those customers without support or a commercial license for Java, as Oracle Java SE was historically considered ‘free’ by businesses. 

The impact of this change is now affecting many business users who perhaps misunderstood or overlooked the subscription amendments and have now been approached to carry out an Oracle Java audit.

This can also affect customers where Java is bundled with another application, such as E-Business Suite via a restricted license, however they could also be using Java with another custom application. This would mean the customer would be invalidating the restricted license and be liable for Java subscription fees.

With the advent of Oracle Java SE Universal in January 2023, it’s possible that customers may have mixed metrics potentially causing further confusion and non-compliance.

Version 1’s Oracle Java Audit Defence

If you have received an Oracle License Audit letter, or if you would like to be more prepared for an Oracle Java audit, our experts are here to help you. 

The most important thing is to stay calm and know that you can take control.  Contact our experts using this form now, to have a confidential introductory conversation. 

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Fireside Chat - The Importance of Preparing for a Vendor Audit

Vendor audits are on an increase, so how you prepare for an audit or react to a request is critical to an optimal result for you. Version 1's recent fireside chat with Jason Pepper, Head of SAM Practice aims to highlight some of the key actions and activities to consider as part of your vendor audit preparation and action plan.
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Our Approach to Mitigating the Cost and Risk of Audits

A diagnosis or Health Check is a strategic review of your license estate. It identifies the risks of noncompliance and opportunities related to the management of your software assets.
Discovery, Baseline and Optimisation
Based on the Diagnosis, we may perform a detailed Discovery and Baseline to determine compliance. We will highlight areas of risk and propose optimisation and remediation.
If you need to buy licenses or re-negotiate with your vendor, we can help you create a plan. This can minimise unexpected costs and give you more benefits, creating a fit-for-future license estate.

Version 1 Software Licence Audit Service

82% financial risk reduction

Our optimisation expertise helps to deliver financial risk reduction of over 82% on average during audit scenarios.

£17m to £100k

When engaged our customer was facing a bill of £17m, but through our help this amount became £100k.

£5.8m identified non compliance risks

During a typical review, we find non-compliance risks of over £5.8m.

The Benefits of a Version 1 Software Licence Audit Service for your Business

Cost Reduction
Risk Mitigation
Volume Discounts
Better Vendor Relationships
Optimal License Agreement for your Needs
Value Added Procurement

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