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Introduction to the SWAN Charter

We the signatories (cygnet-ories!) of the #StartsWithAName Charter recognise the role of a person’s name as a unique expression of identity that is to be respected, valued, explored and celebrated within an inclusive society.

We the signatories of the #StartsWithAName Charter, therefore, choose to stand and be recognised by committing to said charter.

Have you ever wondered if the colleagues who sit around you feel like they have to filter major parts of their personal identity out of their professional persona? If they check a part of their life at the door each day? How painful must it be to tolerate that sense of exclusion every day just to make a living? And yet it happens all the time. For all our talk of diversity and inclusion (D&I), we often fail to recognize that just because someone is included in our organization, certainly doesn’t mean they feel they belong.
- - Anita Sands, Board Director, Advisor, Writer, Speaker & General Disruptor

We, signatories of the #StartsWithAName Charter affirm:

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” and the right to be treated with dignity extends to being called by one’s given name.

And in so doing Pledge to:

  1. Learn to say each other’s given names properly, even when it pushes us outside of our cultural norms and comfort zones.
  2. Positively encourage and respect each other’s right to correct pronunciation of a given or chosen name.
  3. Employ our virtual “diversity lens” to view our names as a key defining constituent of culture definition and expression.
  4. Take every opportunity available to make it easy for others to say our names properly.
  5. Actively seek to promote the adoption of the Charter and behaviours across staff and other organisations.

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