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Dublin  |  31 December 2019

Are you interested in making a difference with technology?

We make differences. Big ones, and small ones. We use cutting-edge, powerful IT to make a real difference to our customers’ businesses. Committed to maintaining an innovation edge to drive Customer Success, Version 1 invested €1 million into our Innovation Lab in 2018. The output of the Innovation Lab will be showcased throughout 2019, however innovative thinking and ingenuity are not limited to the Innovation Lab. Great minds think alike – and if you wish to join us for our innovation and hackathon events over the coming year, please register your interest for Version 1 Labs – Dublin and we will notify you of our invite-only events, hackathons and webinars.

Our free meetups are open to Version 1 consultants, our customers, but also to professionals and students interested in making a difference with technology.

Our focus areas for 2019 will include:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Agile Lessons Learned
  • DevOps Lessons Learned
  • Blockchain
  • Hackathons to solve enterprise-scale problems
  • Game days

Please note – if you are a member or organiser of tech meetups in Dublin around the above topics seeking collaborations, state the meetup in the form and we can forward your meetup to our event sponsorship team.

If there are any topics you wish to request to hear more about, please include your suggestions in the field provided in the sign-up form below.

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