February 13, 2015 - News

Version 1 listed as Services Provider on Government G-Cloud 6

On the latest iteration of the G Cloud 6, Version 1 is offering a choice of 27 different services to Public Sector customers.   Through this updated channel Version 1 is now offering the following services:      
Service ID Service Description
6241253117132800 Analytics Solutions
5776373641641980 Bespoke SharePoint Online Services
6217993453305850 BI Vision & Strategy
5763584504102910 Custom Solutions built on Windows Azure
6263447897505790 Data Warehousing and Integration
5881257548316670 License Compliance Review
6122710409150460 Microsoft .NET Development
6397507785457660 Microsoft SQL Database Managed Service
6189879671128060 Oracle Database Managed Services
5787988038516730 Oracle Database Health Check
6091162196639740 Oracle Database Upgrade
6134246892634110 Oracle EBS Extension & Optimisation Service
6418176241827840 Oracle EBS Health Check
6580685120733180 Oracle EBS Implementation
6323606095134720 Oracle EBS Managed Services
5964237591543800 Oracle EBS Upgrade Service
4697600196345850 Oracle HRMS Implementation
5018795030609920 Oracle Migration Readiness Assessment
6594368349667320 SAM Assessment & Diagnosis
4840490872602620 SAM Design Service
6575649271578620 SAM Managed Service
6262652724576250 Sharepoint Assessment
6327712889176060 Sharepoint Managed Services
6270601501081600 Software License Consultancy
4802825620029440 Dynamics CRM Managed Service
4872207528361980 Oracle ADF Development
5413817399902200 Java Development
  For more information please contact us    

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