April 19, 2018 - Webinars

Webinar: Cost Management in the Cloud – What you need to know

Webinar: Cost Management in the Cloud - What you need to know

Cost is cited as a major benefit of cloud over on-prem solutions but cloud users often pay more than they had planned or expected. Cost Management in the cloud is complex.


This Webinar identified the key opportunities and challenges and how to overcome them:


  • Strategic Savings – Public cloud services offer alternatives to current strategies. How do we ensure that the new strategy will deliver on the potential savings?
  • Transformational Savings – The public cloud has a large array of services that can help you transform how you build your own applications and internal services. We’ll talk about the savings and the consequences.
  • Resource Rightsizing – How do we get the balance between cost and responsiveness?
  • Vendor Choice – Prices change quickly in the cloud. How do we take advantage without disrupting service?
  • Licensing is complex – Enterprise licensing in the cloud has different options and we will demonstrate how licensing needs to be fully embedded in all stages of the cloud management process.
  • Governance – Cloud consumption is moving closer and closer to the users of the service. However, the consumer is often not paying for the service themselves. How do we govern spending in such an environment?


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