Webinar: Microsoft Teams Crisis Communication Solution

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In March 2020, as news of COVID-19 cases spread globally, Microsoft pulled together a team to release a solution, the Microsoft Teams Crisis Communication Template in Power Apps. Benefits include getting updates quickly on internal company news, getting answers to frequently asked questions and access to important information such as links and emergency contacts.

This app requires a small amount of setup to make it your own. In this demo hosted by Conor O’ Keefe, Associate Consultant with Version 1, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a central location for your data
  • Configure and publish the Crisis Communication app and its admin app
  • Create content for the app
  • Create a centrally managed team and embed the app into a teams channel

Suitable for any organisation seeking to implement a solution quickly, provided that they meet the prerequisites listed below:

  • Signed up for Power Apps
  • Valid SharePoint Online license and permission to create lists
  • Public SharePoint site where you can store the data for the app
  • Assets downloaded from aka.ms/CrisisCommunicationSolution.

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