Effective Ways to License and Buy Azure

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Learn more about the most effective ways to license and buy Azure, Azure licensing models, the rewards & pitfalls of Azure Hybrid Benefit & how to optimise your Azure Cloud Consumption.

This on-demand webinar is aimed at IT, Architect, Cloud, Procurement and Finance professionals who are either looking at Azure for Cloud architecture or are already an Azure customer and need to understand the most effective ways to license and buy Azure and cost management approach.

Hosted by Karl O’Doherty, Version 1’s Principal Microsoft License Consultant, Karl shares his observations and insights in this licensing space and highlights the following:

  • Understanding the best Azure Fulfilment Models – How to buy Azure and take advantage of license programs available.
  • Azure Hybrid Benefits – Learn more about this Microsoft incentive, it’s advantages and pitfalls!
  • Ongoing Cost Optimisation in Azure – Some practical examples on how to optimise your ongoing Azure consumption costs.

As businesses look to Azure for faster service deployment, flexibility in adapting to infrastructure change and better cost control, understanding the best license fulfilment approach and ongoing cost optimisation can be tricky, especially if you are new to this technology.

  • Some businesses will take the path of least resistance and purchase on-line via a company credit card, however, if you already have Azure or an Enterprise Agreement or CSP, what is the best license fulfilment approach?
  • Azure Hybrid Benefit can offer commercial and technical advantages, however, can also create license risk if not properly understood. What are the benefits and pitfalls?
  • Ongoing Azure Cloud Consumption cost can soon mount up and create financial waste if not properly monitored. How can you better manage ongoing Azure cost?

Watch this webinar or alternatively find out more about our Cloud Economics Assessment to help plan and co-ordinate your Cloud migration project for the most effective and efficient move to Azure.

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