The License Impacts of Moving Oracle Workloads to Public Cloud

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Oracle licensing is complex, but it need not be a barrier when migrating to Public Cloud.

Enterprises using Oracle products may think that, due to the complexity of Oracle licensing, moving Oracle workloads to Public Cloud is more expensive, complex and riskier than on-premises or Oracle Cloud. This Webinar illustrates that this is not always the case, provided that some fundamentals are understood.

Hosted by Paul Bullen, Version 1’s Principal Oracle License Consultant, he discusses the migration process and the key licensing areas to consider at all stages of the project, including:

  • Migration Overview – Important licensing elements to consider before, during and after migration, including supportability and sizing.
  • The Importance of Planning – Pre-migration stage considerations and defining what is required on Public Cloud.
  • During Migration – License requirements for migration, impacts on doubling license usage and use of temporary licenses and how to manage an approach by Oracle.
  • Post Migration – The importance of decommissioning Oracle on-premise installations and removal of old support contracts.
  • Cost comparisons of Public Cloud versus Oracle Cloud.

This 45-minute Webinar is aimed at technical and commercial roles who are responsible for their Oracle license estate and/or are part of a larger project team to move business infrastructure to the Cloud.  From this Webinar, you will learn:

  • The circumstances within which moving from Oracle on-premise to Public Cloud is commercially viable and why this is the case.
  • How a successful migration can be achieved and the steps to consider.
  • How the financial models compare.

Version 1 is highly experienced in helping organisations right-size, migrate and manage their infrastructure and license estate in the Cloud. Take advantage of an initial complimentary consultation with our license experts to understand your Cloud objectives, support your migration approach and guide you towards achieving enterprise license cost optimisation.

Watch this Webinar or alternatively find out more about moving Oracle workloads to Public Cloud quickly, safely and successfully here.

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