Using a SAM Tool for Oracle License Management

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Why Oracle license estate complexity cannot be interpreted or managed by a tool alone.

Managing Oracle product deployment across an enterprise is a major challenge. Many enterprises benefit from the implementation of Software Asset Management (SAM) tools to help automate SAM processes, create efficiency in data gathering and analysis, and offer insights into your licensing position. In this webinar, we discuss using a SAM Tool for Oracle License Management.

Although tools have their uses, there are gaps in their abilities. The complexity of most Oracle license estates cannot be reliably captured by tools alone and so it is important to realise the capabilities of any tool you select.

Our short webinar hosted by Version 1’s Principal Oracle License consultant, Paul Bullen, highlights the strengths and weaknesses of using a SAM tool for Oracle License Management and how you can use their best features to your advantage.

During this session, you will learn:

  • Where a SAM tool can help support your Oracle License Management
  • The limitations of a SAM tool
  • Debunking common tool misconceptions

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Using a SAM Tool for Oracle License Management Webinar Preview

Using a SAM Tool for Oracle License Management

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