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Enterprise application vendors do not design their license policies to be easily understood and customers often find themselves paying for products that they do not require and overpaying for the ones that they do. Software users are often unaware of vendor rules according to contractual obligations. Vendors can conduct license audits and non-compliance can result in unexpected costs and stress for the customer.

So, what should you do if you receive that letter “inviting” you to participate in an audit? Don’t panic, should this happen, you are not alone. The Version 1 Software Asset Management team are here to help. With years of Audit Defence experience, this guide will help you with best practice advice on preparing for a license audit, gaining control, ensuring there are no surprises and planning for the future.

About Software Asset Management at Version 1

Our independent licensing consultants (covering all aspects of enterprise licensing) provide expertise to customers globally, ensuring customers get the best value from their assets. The scale of Version 1 means we also have technical consulting experts to provide a one-stop shop for moving to the Cloud. If you would like more information about mitigating against the cost and risk of License Audits, get in touch with the independent licensing experts at Version 1 today.

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