Client Profile

Customer Name: Ajinomoto Foods

Customer Since: 2022

Employees: 3,000

Sector: Food Manufacturing

Ajinomoto Foods is a leading manufacturer in the frozen food industry. The North America company is dedicated to contributing to a healthier lifestyle through nutritious and balanced Umami foods.

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Ajinomoto Foods’ products are cooked with customers in mind, providing healthy and delicious meals for all.

Why Approval Express?

Timely approval is critical in all industries, but more so in the food manufacturing industry.

Ajinomoto Foods required a purchase order approval solution for JD Edwards using Approval Express that would prevent delays in manufacturing. Furthermore, approvers required relevant information that would help inform their decisions to approve, review, or reject documents.

To solve this problem, Ajinomoto Foods turned to Version 1’s Approval Express.


Customers Challenge

Improving Approval Efficiency

The customer needed to ensure that all approvers log onto EnterpriseOne on a regular basis in order to approve, reject or review purchase orders pending approval. They noticed that not all approvers were logging on, and that key approvers sometimes did not have access. This caused purchase order delays.

Solutions Delivered by Version 1

Version 1 implements Approval Express

Version 1 implemented Approval Express to process standard JD Edwards Purchase Order approval workflow messages within Enterprise One.

The implemented solution sits alongside Ajinomoto’s standard JD Edwards system with no modifications to the standard code.

This allows users to be presented with all relevant information regarding the approval, allowing them to make an informed decision without having to log in to the Enterprise One system. This is more efficient and saves time.

Real Differences…


  • Version 1 implemented Approval Express for Ajinomoto within the required timeframe and with no additional hardware required.
  • Approvers are now able to approve or reject purchase orders from any location remotely on their mobile without logging into Enterprise One.
  • Flexible templates allow additional data to be added with relative ease, and media object attachments in Enterprise One can also be included in the approval email.
  • Applications are now in place to monitor and administer processes easily, including logs and error handling

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