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Version 1 Early Careers

Are you ready to embark on your pioneering journey and make real change happen through the power of cutting-edge technology?

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Ready to take charge of your future and kick-start a career in tech?

We want to unlock the amazing and the potential in our early careers associates. We designed our Digital Academies precisely for this reason, to provide the best training in the latest technologies, empowering you to deliver transformational change for our customers. We partner with leading training providers and academic institutes to create bespoke academies that let you develop your academy-specific skill sets and earn industry-recognised certifications.

Over a 21-month programme, you’ll be supported by our Early Careers team to complete a 12-week hybrid technical and consultancy skills training programme

When your initial training is successfully completed, you’ll be assigned to your Version 1 team and paired with a buddy. We help you settle in and meet all the people you need to help you succeed in your journey.

We welcome applications from recent graduates, college and university leavers, and people considering a change in career.

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Technical excellence

A commitment to excellence is also a commitment to consistency. You will learn the foundations of excellent technical skills for software development, describing and trialling common patterns in use across many of our projects today. Building this understanding will be fundamental to your development across technical capabilities


Agile methodology

You will be introduced to Agile software development and the practical application of the Scrum framework and Behaviour-Driven Development methodology. The module concludes with a deep dive into Version 1’s application of Agile Methodology into large programmes of work, what each person’s role is within a team, and how to deliver for our customers in an agile manner.


Effective soft skills

Technology consulting is more than just technical skills. You will learn how to effectively work as a team, manage your time, manage customer expectations and develop effective communication skills. Learning and continually developing these skills will allow you to drive your career forward alongside your technical development.


Creative thinking

You will develop your tools that help you think independently, encourage entrepreneurial behaviours and consider the best approach to problem-solving. The ability to think creatively is essential in understanding and learning new technologies and helps you to consider the best solution for our customers, ultimately harnessing leading technology to help them solve their challenges as efficiently as possible.

Early Careers Programme

Entry level academy (12 weeks learning)

Your initial phase will involve learning and virtual classroom-based training, discussion sessions, workshops and experiential learning supported by Version 1 experts and senior management

Entry level programme (18 months)

Once you’re assigned to your project or team, you’ll have the opportunity to put your learning into practice and engage in meaningful tasks that contribute to your professional and technical growth. Additionally, you’ll participate in courses aimed at enhancing your professional and technical skills to further support your development. 

Continuous support

Throughout your time at Version 1, you will receive ongoing support, including one-to-one career coaching and regular meetings with peers from your cohort. You will have access to our dynamic development programme designed to assist you in reaching your career goals. Everyone is assigned a buddy and mentor to ensure you are fully supported in your journey.

What makes our Early Careers Programme so special?

We invest in our people and our Early Careers Programme is just part of a continuous learning and development journey. Our company culture promotes wellness and learning through programmes, resources and benefits that help our employees design their own rewarding pathway to the career that’s right for them.

Get Rewarded For Your Work 

During the initial 12-week training period – you will be paid a monthly training salary.

Upon successful completion of your training, you will have at least 3 salary reviews, with the expectation that you will see an increase in salary of 20% from your first day.  

Additionally, every year we share up to 1/5th of our profits with our people through our quarterly profit share scheme.

We’re also certified for multiple years across all our locations as a Great Place to Work, we provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for everyone to be their amazing self.

Meet some of our associates

Testimonials from associates

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“I joined the Version 1 Early Careers Programme in July 2023 and am now approaching the end of my first 6 months of the 21-month programme. Prior to the programme, I had been out of the industry for over five years, so it was crucial for me to get back into the swing of things. The skills I acquired during the training were essential for my current position working with Java. The Java training provided an excellent foundation to help me feel more confident as I transitioned into my role. The soft skills we learned were incredibly useful in integrating myself into the team.

I believe that the presentation training helped me to better articulate my questions and concerns to my line-manager and colleagues. I earned both Cisco’s Cybersecurity certification and the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. I have also received the LFC131: Green Software for Practitioners from The Linux Foundation, and I’m now in the process of preparing for the Oracle OCA Java exam. Having the support of the Early Careers team was amazing. It gave me a sense of comfort to know that I had someone to assist me on this journey.”

Tanise Carvalho, Early Careers Associate, Dublin, Ireland


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“Transitioning from a 20-year teaching career to the tech industry was a leap of faith. Yet, my experience with Version 1’s Early Careers Programme has surpassed all expectations. The rigorous curriculum covered diverse domains: cyber security, business analysis, backend Java, and storytelling for business. Each module provided invaluable insights and practical skills, essential for my successful transition.

Despite challenges, the hands-on learning approach fostered growth. The programme’s support structure played a pivotal role. Mentorship, guidance, and company-wide initiatives eased my integration into the tech culture. I’m eager to contribute to projects aligned with Version 1’s core values and inspire the next generation through a Community First initiative. My transformative journey equips me to thrive in the tech industry.”

Alana Barrett-Frew, Early Careers Associate, Birmingham, UK


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“In 2022, I joined the Version 1 Early Careers Programme through the Women TechStart Programme. The 21-month programme commenced with an intensive 12-week training curriculum focused on enhancing our technical skills. We began with foundational concepts and gradually delved into programming, cybersecurity, and software testing. Upon completing the initial three months, I earned certifications from Cisco (CyberOps Associate), Microsoft (Azure Data Fundamentals), and ISTQB (Software Tester). Subsequently, I secured a position as a DBA Associate Consultant for the Department of Transport at Version 1.

Throughout my journey, the Early Careers team provided invaluable support, enabling me to excel in my role and advance my career. I received recognition both within Version 1 and beyond, including a nomination for the ‘Diversity in Tech Award,’ a moment of immense pride. Today, as a people manager, I oversee a new cohort of early career graduates.”

Nancy Hendy, Early Careers Associate, Dublin, Ireland

Gain real-world accreditation

Each of our academies will vary according to the specialism you will study. As a result, participants will earn various different accreditations from Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, RedHat, Outsystems and Snowflake. We work with our technology partners to ensure you will get the best accreditations for your skills and continually learn and improve according to your career path.

Could this be your next move?

Applications for our 2024 academies are now closed.