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Software Asset Management

Manage risk, optimise cost in your software estate

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Take Control of your Enterprise Software Estate

Without SAM processes in place many businesses either drift into non-compliance or do not gain the value expected from their software investment.

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a practice that enables companies to understand and manage software buying and usage patterns, inventory details, future requirements and contractual terms

and conditions, which can result in considerable savings in license purchase costs and support fees, and protection from the risk of license non-compliance, on-premises and in the cloud.

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Our Approach to Effective Software Asset Management

Version 1’s SAM Managed Service underpinned by Control, delivers certainty on enterprise vendor software license consumption and assurance on your business’ IT compliance position.

With Version 1’s range of SAM Managed Services, you can avoid unnecessary costs, accurately plan for future software license purchases and avoid any stress from a software vendor audit.

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Software Asset Management Expertise


Multi-Vendor SAM4D

Multi-vendor Software Asset Management & License Compliance Service. Build and execute a modern SAM service function within your organisation.


Version 1 Control – Vendor Targeted

Vendor targeted license consulting and managed service. Specific to a single vendor, avoid unplanned or unnecessary license costs and non-compliance on an ongoing basis.


Version 1 Control – Cloud Cost Control

Optimise your consumption and Azure/AWS billing in the cloud.

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£10 million Saved

Our SAM Service Team’s expertise delivered a cost avoidance opportunity of just under £10m for our enterprise customer.


Reduced £5m to £60k

Our SAM Managed Service delivered Database license optimisation for our client from over £5m to just under £60k.


69% Risk Reduction

Our SAM services deliver financial risk reduction of approximately 69% over the lifecycle of a managed service.

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What to do if your in-house resource is struggling to manage license compliance.

If your in-house IT resource is struggling to control your software license estate, you could very easily and unwittingly become non-compliant leading to expensive fines, unbudgeted cost, and disruption to your business.

Version 1’s Brian Lavelle and Jason Pepper discuss what to do to manage limited in-house SAM skills and explain the benefits of partial or full software asset management outsourcing.

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Struggling with managing software license compliance? Contact our SAM experts today.

Contact us today to arrange a complimentary license workshop to discuss any known license concerns and future technology roadmap to begin formulating your ongoing compliance management requirements.