Client Profile

Customer Name: Centaur

Established: 2009

Customer Since: 2020

Employees: 250+

Sector: Financial Services

Version 1 designs file transfer service and automated data processing solution in collaboration with Centaur

Centaur delivers independent fund administration and fiduciary services to Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate Funds, Insurance-Linked Security Funds, Family Offices, and Institutional Investors across the globe.

The Challenge

The Customer’s Challenge

Centaur has a data management platform that ingests, transforms, and processes daily trade files, broker statements, and portfolios from its clients. This platform needs to be improved to stay abreast with the organisation’s success. The platform needs to be enhanced to scale and accommodate the ever-increasing demand whilst simultaneously reducing operational overhead costs. Planned improvements will also reduce data processing latency which is of utmost importance in an environment where strong security and governance controls are crucial.

Solution Proposed by Version 1

Leveraging AWS Transfer Family

This solution took less than 50 days to design and engineer. The design for the solution was created in collaboration with Centaur, and development was carried out by a DevOps engineer.

The key components were a file transfer service and automated data processing.

AWS Transfer Family was leveraged to deliver the file transfer solution. This AWS Service provides a fully managed, highly available, and elastic SFTP Server. Files transferred to the SFTP Server are stored natively in S3. Replacing existing virtual machine-based services reduced both operational overhead and infrastructure costs incurred by Centaur.

For the automated data processing, a serverless, event-driven architecture using AWS Lambda was provisioned. This architecture was chosen to meet the solution goals of reducing operational overhead by not needing to manage the underlying cloud infrastructure whilst also providing scalable, decoupled processing.

Real Difference…


The serverless architecture proposed by Version 1:

  • Scales seamlessly to handle increasing client demand
  • Reduces operational overhead. There is no longer any need to manage the underlying cloud infrastructure
  • Is highly available, allowing uninterrupted service to Centaur’s clients
  • Minimises cost, with the customer only paying for the resources consumed

The decoupled nature of the solution provides excellent flexibility for future enhancements.

The Version 1 guide to Modernisation can be found here.

About Version 1

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