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The Met Office is the UK’s national weather service. It provides weather and climate-related services to the Armed Forces, government departments, the public, civil aviation, shipping, industry, agriculture and commerce. The Met office is an executive agency sponsored by the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology. 

Key Challenge

Version 1 and Met Office established a partnership with DevOps principles at its core. The challenge was to develop a new cloud platform on AWS. The aim was to speed up processes, reduce costs and increase security.   


A critical outcome of this partnership has been equipping the Met Offices Cloud Team with the DevOps and Agile delivery skills they need to continue this success into the future and become self-sustaining. 

Adopting a DevOps culture and utilising cloud-based technology supports Met Office’s modernisation programme and ensures they can continue to innovate, providing essential, world-leading weather services to the public and businesses to help everyone across the UK to stay safe and thrive.  

In early 2019, Version 1 was engaged to help accelerate cloud adoption by helping form and lead a DevOps-focussed Cloud Team. Their shared goal was to help the Met Office mitigate risks of using cloud while simultaneously increasing the speed with which products and services were delivered to the platform. 

This re-invigorated DevOps team is an enabler for cloud adoption. They; 

  • Create, collect and curate common code, patterns and best practice. 
  • Automate common platform activities such as user management and account provisioning. 
  • Develop centralised, reusable services. 
  • Provide consultancy, reviews, and assurance to other delivery teams. 
  • Empower teams to develop the knowledge, skills and expertise to adopt DevOps practices and develop sustainable cloud-based services. 

Real Difference, Delivered

  • Adoption of Agile and DevOps best practice in the Cloud Team and beyond 
  • Faster delivery through production of common code, patterns, components 
  • Faster project startup and development through consultancy, knowledge sharing and assurance 
  • Increased skills across the organisation through training, mentoring and knowledge transfer  
  • Establishing a Cloud Community of Practice to encourage a culture of knowledge sharing and cross-functional collaboration 
  • Reduced cloud costs through more mature financial management 

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