Client Profile

Sector: Airline

Version 1 is a trusted Cloud partner to an international airline that requires 24*7*365 availability for its booking website that generates over €1 billion in revenue annually.

The commercial aviation passenger market is characterised by high costs, fierce competition, and low margins. To gain an edge over their competitors, airlines such our customer, an International Airline, have to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Customer Experience in a Digital Age

Our customer aims to provide a consistent experience for customers. From booking to arrival at their final destination, the experience must be of the highest standard and meet customer expectations. Version 1 partnered with this customer in order to guarantee 24*7*365 availability for its booking website that generates over €1 billion in revenue annually.

How does Version 1 guarantee 24*7*365 availability for a booking website worth over €1 billion in annual ticket sales?

Cloud Expertise

Our customer was running its booking engine in the cloud on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and sought a Cloud Advisor to optimise existing systems. To ensure this was achieved, Version 1 used the technical expertise at its disposal to create an in-depth understanding of the existing systems in order to deliver stability, availability and optimisations.

The core requirement for the customer was stability and fault tolerance as over €1 billion in ticket revenue is generated through the website alone. Version 1 became responsible for ensuring that the customer’s core revenue generating and operational systems are available on a 24*7*365 basis.

It is currently estimated that 45% of enterprise cloud spend is on wasted resources.

Cost Optimisation

Cost is frequently promoted as a driving force to the cloud. Achieving effective cost control in the cloud, however, is complex. Version 1 leverages a number of third-party tools and custom techniques to deliver cost optimisation for our cloud customers.

Version 1 implemented stress environments and optimised non-production environments to deliver savings of $346,000 within the first year of the contract.

Version 1 treats cost optimisation in the Cloud as a continuous and active process and has identified the potential for a further reduction of $190,000 on annual running costs for the second year of the contract by utilising auto-scaling and API gateway technology bringing total cloud saving estimate to $520,000 for the second year of the cloud partnership.

Next Generation Managed Service

Customer Support

Version 1 has a dedicated team of professionals providing up to 24*7*365 support to the customer. Maintaining a customer relationship however is much more than just keeping the lights on. We understand that in the current economic climate organisations need to be certain that their IT  operations and systems are delivering real value.

Dedicated customer service enables our customer to guarantee the high performance and availability required by customers to make purchases online and generate revenue. Proactive monitoring by Version 1 and system alerts helps to identify issues before they become critical. Performance is measured against an agreed Service Level Agreement with committed delivery on response times.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Version 1 Next Gen Managed Services allow our customer to access expertise in cloud innovation. Innovation is key to maintaining competitive advantage, but balancing the necessity to innovate, with maintaining day-to-day IT operations can be difficult. At Version 1, we understand this pressure and our managed services are designed to deliver value without reducing services or stifling innovation.

Version 1 is currently working in tandem with this international airline to continue to build out a new Infrastructure-as-Code development environment which will offer value in three measurable categories: Cost Reduction, Speed (faster execution) and Risk (remove errors and security violations).

As part of the ongoing relationship, Version 1 consultants seek to continuously improve and utilise features such as elasticity, scalability, resilience and low pay-as-you-go costs to improve the airline’s user experience and to reduce costs.

Version 1 created a stable and fault tolerant system that achieved 99.98% uptime the airline in the first year of the contract and will continue to ensure systems remain stable going forward.

Real Business Benefits. Delivered.