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Enterprise IT Growth & Digital Transformation Trends Report

Navigating and Leveraging IT in the Digital Disruption Era

In an age of digital disruption, the conversation in enterprise business has turned to Digital Transformation. Enterprise organisations face increasing pressure to change the way they do business. Today’s consumers, stakeholders and citizens prefer online interaction, and companies are developing rich digital offerings to engage them.

Digitising the enterprise also enables enterprises to gain competitive advantage, improve time to market and ensure their offerings are best in class. IT is an increasingly crucial area of focus to align to business strategy to retain and increase market position. Enterprise Digital Transformation strategies can help companies gain a competitive edge through leveraging Enterprise Cloud and Digital.

In Version 1’s Enterprise IT Growth and Digital Transformation Trends, we examine the top IT priorities of enterprise organisations in the UK and Ireland over the next 24 months including:

  • IT Investment Priorities for Enterprise Organisations
  • Cloud as an Enabler for Digital Transformation Success
  • Cloud Adoption in Enterprise Transformation
  • Skills Shortages affecting Digital Transformation

Download the full ‘Enterprise IT Growth and Digital Transformation Trends 2018/19’ report below to learn more about navigating and leveraging IT in the Digital Disruption Era.