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Webinar: Foundations of Cost Control and Optimisation on Public Cloud

October 7, 2020

Want to learn how to apply best practice and optimise the cost of your Cloud Environment?

This informative webinar, hosted by Oisin De Conduin, Digital and Cloud Practice Lead, highlights some of the ways to drive down the costs of running your Cloud estate, with additional insights into Cloud best practices. This webinar is aimed at those within an organisation who may be tasked with reducing their Cloud bill or increasing their Cloud adoption whilst controlling cost. This includes:

  • How to get better insight into your Cloud bill
  • How to reduce the heavy cost of licensing in the Cloud
  • How to optimise your compute, network, and storage infrastructure in the Cloud
  • How application transformation and modernisation can help reduce your costs

Budget pressures and business agility are dictating technology and financial decisions during this crisis. Now more than ever, Cloud is enabling business change, however, has the constantly rising price tag can be a worry for businesses. How can enterprises ensure that they are not overspending and wasting unnecessary money on their Cloud services?

Learn more about Version 1’s Cloud Cost Optimisation Services to take control of your Cloud Billing.

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