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Webinar: Oracle ERP Strategy Roadmap

April 28, 2020

Want to gain clarity on the way forward and define a clear path to benefits realisation?

Version 1 has created an Oracle ERP Strategy Roadmap process which delivers a personalised ERP strategy that is relevant to your organisation’s unique business model, platform and vision. The customers who have engaged with our discovery process have gained clarity on the way forward and a tailored roadmap for their journey.

  • Do you need to refresh your ERP infrastructure?
  • Is your ERP solution out of vendor support?
  • Are you under threat of vendor audit?
  • How can your ERP enable digital transformation for your organisation?
  • Do you need to adopt a ‘Cloud First’ approach to your ERP solution?
  • Worried your ERP solution is not GDPR compliant?
  • Is your current ERP solution too cumbersome?

In this insightful webinar, David McNeil, Version 1 Business Development Manager, brings us through the roadmap discovery process which will help you understand the current and future support status of E-Business Suite releases and will assist the decision-making process around some of the common questions E-Business decision-makers are debating:

  • Is it time to move to Oracle Cloud
  • Is upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite R12 the best option for me? Is Sustained Managed Service the most favourable route?

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