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Legacy system modernisation

Embrace innovation and unleash agility by modernising your legacy systems

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Modernise with confidence to minimise risk

Legacy technology is restricting your organisation’s agility and consuming budget.

With our breadth of expertise and proven track record, we can help you realign your systems with your business needs and unleash your potential.

Modernising legacy (including not-so-legacy) applications is an increasingly hot topic. The simple fact is legacy technology is restricting your organisation’s agility and consuming its budget.

Increasingly, many businesses are gravitating towards Application Modernisation and Legacy Modernisation as possible solutions to improve their systems, as opposed to full replacement with a ready-made solution such as COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) or SaaS.

Approaches to modernise your legacy estate

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Modernise to Cloud

Embrace cloud native architectures to leverage the power of cloud


On-premise modernisation

Enable modern development practices for your on premise development needs


Modernise with low code

Accelerate your modernisation using best-in-class low-code solutions from OutSystems and Microsoft Power Platform.

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Process automation and reengineering

Ensure modernisation is aligned to your business processes

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Unleash legacy modernisation Decipher

Decipher is a ground breaking GenAI-based solution which automates the analysis and documentation of source code at scale, enabling you to decode your legacy systems and unlock your modernisation objectives.

In an increasingly complex technological landscape, organisations are still built around ageing, legacy applications – the architects of which have long since moved on.

“In Version 1, Cafcass has a true partner. Our organisation’s mission-critical systems have been moved off-premise to the cloud which has resulted in very positive financial and efficiency savings which are extremely important for managing an ever-increasing demand for our services. However, the relationship also resulted in further positive benefits as we have found in Version 1 a partner who really cares about our organisation, displaying empathy to our needs and priorities.”

Robert Langley, CIO of Cafcass
6 people stood outside the National Traffic Operations Centre building

Safer Roads Every Day with National Highways

Version 1 was awarded Global Microsoft Partner of the Year Award 2023 for our work modernising National Highways’s mission critical National Incident Liaison Officers (NILO) project. We worked closely with National Highways to initially assess the current reporting platform. This investigation helped us to explore all aspects of the system and to appreciate the requirements both from a systems architecture perspective and a functional one for the end users. We then built a dedicated team to design and create a solution to the highest standards, with thorough testing along the way.

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