Version 1 is delighted to again have been officially recognised as the #4th Best Large Workplace in Ireland. Furthermore, we are also delighted to be certified as a Best Workplace for Women.

Version 1 is delighted to have been officially recognised for the second consecutive year as the #4 Best Large Workplace in Ireland. This is the Digital and Cloud specialist’s eighth consecutive year to be named as a top Irish workplace overall, and the second year of being named the 4th Best Large Workplace at the Great Place to Work Best Workplaces in Ireland Awards. 

However, this year marked a momentous milestone for the awards and also for Version 1, with the entry of a new category of certification; Best Workplace for Women in Ireland. 

Version 1 was officially announced as the #4 Best Large Workplace in Ireland and a Best Workplace for Women at the 17th annual Great Place to Work Best Workplaces in Ireland Awards in the Clayton Hotel on Burlington Road, Dublin on Wednesday 27th February 2019.

This listing is assessed through Great Place to Work’s Trust Index Employee Survey and a Culture Audit assessment of the employer’s policies and practices.

Great Place to Work is a global analytical authority on high-trust high-performance workplace cultures. Version 1 has been a long-term partner of Great Place to Work Institute, also ranking for the past two years consecutively on its annual Best Workplaces in Europe list.

Commenting on the achievement, Version 1 CEO Tom O’Connor said:

 “Creating a great place to work is not just another company initiative for Version 1; it’s embedded in everything we do. Our greatest strength is our balanced approach to achieving Customer Success, a Strong Organisation and Empowered People, underpinned by commitment to our Core Values. As we have grown to over 1200 employees, we have maintained a focus on building a culture of trust and empowerment for our people and we are delighted to see this reflected in our world-class employee engagement scores and Great Place to Work ranking of the 4th Best Workplace in Ireland. Proudly, we have maintained our position as a Great Place to Work eight years in a row, and our position in the Top 5 for two consecutive years alongside competition that includes top indigenous and multinational companies.”

The culture of Version 1 is focused on the creation of a Great Workplace, where core values are lived day in, day out to transform the business of the customers it works with and to make a difference in the communities in which the company operates. Ultimately, Version 1 people want to develop, grow and succeed as individuals, and as an organisation.

The tremendous success which Version 1 has enjoyed has been achieved through the dedication and personal commitment of every employee to Version 1’s values of Honesty & Integrity, Personal Commitment, No Ego, Customer First, Excellence and Drive.

Version 1 Named a Best Workplace for Women

Commenting on Version 1 being included in the inaugural Best Workplaces for Women list, CEO of Version 1 Tom O’ Connor said:

“This year we were heartened be named a Best Workplace for Women at the awards, an evaluation that recognises workplaces creating positive and supportive workplaces for women in particular. Diversity & Inclusion is a huge area of focus for Version 1. This is not a marketing ploy or an effort to display impressive statistics, it is because we are aware that a diverse team is a stronger team, but equally conscious that diversity without inclusivity does not represent success. Version 1 is an organisation built on the incredible strength of its people and talent and it is crucial that we are hiring an equal female to male ratio and supporting women in our business through their career and life milestones, supporting them through to senior management. While we don’t believe we are where we want to be yet, we are however on our way, with a workforce actively committed to advancing our gender equality in Version 1. Our business continues to benefit from attracting top female technologists and empowering ourselves with the knowledge and improvements required to retain and support women in our business.”

John Ryan, CEO of Great Place to Work® Ireland said: “Today’s workplace is a partnership, creating the future in tandem. It’s inclusive and has diversity at its core. It’s a really exciting place to be, and I’d like to congratulate each and every organisation that has achieved the goal of creating truly sustainable, high trust workplaces all across Ireland. We all deserve a Great Place to Work: and now we can have it!”

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