As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes widely adopted across industries, the question is no longer whether to adopt AI, but how ready are we to adopt AI? 

In this article, we will explore what an AI readiness assessment is, why it’s important and where Version 1 can help. 

What is an AI Readiness Assessment?

Simply put, an AI Readiness Assessment is a thorough evaluation of an organisation’s readiness and ability to adopt and integrate AI technology.  These assessments usually cover areas of the business such as infrastructure, data, strategy, team knowledge and skills and governance.  Any gaps between the organisation’s goals and current state are highlighted to enable the business to improve in key areas.  A score is often assigned helping the business gauge its position with industry standards. 

Why is an Assessment Important?

Undertaking an assessment is pivotal to gauging your current AI maturity level. It provides a clear and concise picture of where you stand in terms of AI readiness and utilisation. It also highlights where you could be benefiting from AI services, such as advancing your operations, allocating resources, mitigating risks, streamlining processes, and ultimately enhancing business outcomes.  

The Version 1 Difference

At Version 1, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading AI expertise. With our experience in delivering AI-powered solutions, we ensure that you receive practical insights and actionable steps towards a transformative AI strategy. 

We take you on a rapid yet comprehensive journey where we work together to explore key areas of your business (e.g. day-to-day operations, technological infrastructure, and industry specifics) to help you understand the potential for adopting and leveraging AI. Our goal is to equip you with the information you need to succeed, allowing you to harness AI’s power. We’ve worked in partnership with our clients, offering insight and practical experience to drive AI investment via proven business cases. This approach has fostered innovation for tangible customer success. 

  • AI Maturity Assessment: Get a roll-up view that gauges your current AI maturity level, providing a clear picture of where you stand and where you could be benefiting from AI and beyond
  • Data Infrastructure Check: Assess the robustness, scalability, and security of your data systems, ensuring they are primed for AI use
  • Compliance and Ethics Check: Examine the ethical considerations and compliance requirements relevant to your AI adoption ensuring your AI initiatives align with regulatory standards and ethical best practices
  • Operational Model Guidance: Receive expert advice on operational models and organisational changes critical for successful AI adoption
  • Talent and Skills Evaluation: Identify the talent and skills your organisation needs to thrive with AI, including the Version 1 Fundamentals of AI Training Course
  • Strategic AI Roadmap: Post-assessment, receive a bespoke AI implementation and scalability plan, ensuring that the roadmap is one we can own and execute together

Our AI Readiness Assessment is more than just an evaluation; it’s about reimagining the future of your business with AI  


In any industry’s competitive landscape, AI is becoming an integral and ever-expanding part of business and not being fully ready to integrate it is no longer a viable option.

Version 1’s new AI Readiness Assessment doesn’t only evaluate your current state; it empowers you to envision and enable a future where AI is an integral part of your business strategy. This is the path that leads to further success and efficiency. 

We understand that every business is unique, and so are its AI needs, possibilities and governance rules. Our comprehensive assessment provides a clear roadmap tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring you are well-equipped to navigate the AI journey. From evaluating your data infrastructure to assessing compliance and ethics, we leave no stone unturned. 

Our commitment goes beyond the assessment. We partner with you, providing the necessary training and guidance to ensure your team is ready to harness the power of AI.  

With Version 1, you’re not just adopting AI; you’re embracing a future of endless possibilities.

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