Our series with Chief Technology Officer Brad Mallard continues. The topic today, what makes Version 1 really stand apart from other companies.

“One thing that sets Version 1 apart is the critical mass of extraordinary people and talent coupled with empowerment and technical excellence.”

But what really makes it special is our Core Values and how they’re instilled and developed and encouraged throughout the organisation.

That includes how we’re organised in the Heads of Triangle model. It basically means we have we have nearly 150 mini businesses inside Version 1 that are completely empowered and decentralised to be able to do the right thing for our customers, and staff. These groups can also manage profitability through automating and delivering in the most efficient and effective way.

It’s a really interesting model, it’s based on an organisational pattern called Rendanheyi, or often referred to as two pizza box teams (sometimes a few more than two). But rather than just talking about the theory, we really do it, and we are organised top to bottom with this empowerment and decentralised model at its heart.

What is Rendanheyi?

The Rendanheyi model is a decentralised, self-organizing organizational model that focuses on empowering employees to make decisions and take ownership of their work. It is based on the principles of self-organization, entrepreneurship, and customer-centricity. ‘Ren’ means people, ‘Dan’ is users and their needs, ‘HeYi’ stands for the connection between both of them.

This empowers people and gives them a sense of ownership, autonomy, and drive. It’s pretty unique to see it scaled in an organisation with thousands of people in my experience.

Our core values are also an essential part of what makes Version 1 different. Customer First is so important and also my personal favourite No Ego, which really does run through the entire organisation.

All these elements combine to ensure that every project is delivered for customers with a focus on excellence.

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