Opening an account, submitting a claim, applying for a loan or insurance… every customer interaction represents an opportunity not only to provide a brilliant experience but also to start building a lasting relationship. Version 1’s digital platform, DAPx, enables you to accelerate these journeys and transform your business faster.

We are living in a time where digitally-savvy customers are in the driving seat and dictate the changes they want from transactions – the Age of the Customer: they are always connected, they want to interact with businesses and organisations at any time and from any device or channel, and they expect a personalised experience with both proactive and reactive contact. While it seems that digital transformation is forcing companies to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality, many businesses are still slow to pick up on it. “The 2018-2019 State of Digital Transformation” by Altimeter highlights that “a notable percentage (41%) of companies are only now beginning to research customer behaviour and awaiting results (27%), or are not studying customer behaviour at all (14%).”

It is not for a lack of will: organisations are fully aware that seamless customer experiences should be dictating their strategy. The challenge can usually be found within an organisation’s legacy processes, systems and databases, revealing a great disconnect between teams, and creating frustrations for customers. So how can businesses and organisations bypass this challenge? How can they rethink their processes to reflect what customers need to achieve and give them the smooth and secure self-service, mobile-first and personalised experience they want?

Creating Brilliant Customer Experience Through Automation

Every year, (apart from this year!) I reserve a rental car online for our summer holidays. I fill a long and detailed form online. Yet, when the time has come to pick up the car at the rental place, it is every year, without exception the same experience – I have to watch an agent slowly and painstakingly check my documentation, re-enter that information on another form – seemingly into another system. Finally, they ask us to review the information they have just entered… not a great experience.

From renting a car to opening an account, to making an insurance claim, the key to brilliant customer experience is a streamlined and automated process. There is little point asserting that customers are your top priority if your on-boarding processes are manual and cumbersome; it could even damage your brand.

Some of the processes we have automated for customers here at Version 1 are data input and document processes, which are manual, time-consuming and prone to errors. We connect documents or web forms with people and legacy systems to automate these processes to give end-users the streamlined and brilliant experience they demand.

Integrating Digital Into All Areas of Your Business

Digital transformation is about changing the way a business interacts with its customers and how they provide them with a consistent experience whenever and wherever they need it. But to be in a position to create highly engaged customers, organisations need to transform digitally across the entire organisation. It really is about integrating digital technology into all areas of the business, about collaboration across the organisation and about complete business modernisation.

Cutting Out The Pain of Managing Multiple Vendors

Our digital acceleration platform DAPx combines digital components – such as Progressive Web Apps, Web Chat, Document Management, Data Visualisation, Payment Integration, Voice Integration and Identity Management – with modern digital architecture approaches and automated DevOps delivery processes on one platform. This combination is key to cutting out the cost of managing multiple vendors. And it will accelerate your speed to market, thereby crucially increasing ROI, while lowering the total cost of your digital transformation initiatives.

Built over a two-year period, from ideas and experiences that we gained building enterprise architectures across various clients, industries and challenges, DAPx has become a digital enabler for rapid web and mobile application development through reusable components, using modern digital architecture approaches, such as Microservices and Serverless computing, which provide greater agility and cost-effectiveness than more traditional approaches.

Addressing The Development Resources Challenge

As a digital enabler and accelerator, DAPx also empowers organisations to save crucial developer time, which is all the more valuable in the current race for talent. The present lack of IT development resources in the market means that many businesses are struggling to keep pace with the ever-changing and disrupting technology landscape. While Version 1 can support you to define your digital transformation strategy and goals, with DAPx we can help you deliver on you digitisation goals rapidly, and to transform and innovate your business faster than if you had to start everything from scratch. Our team of application development experts have spent thousands of hours writing reusable components – you can leverage all of it with our Digital Acceleration Platform.