Joining Version 1 Remotely

I joined Version 1 remotely as a Delivery Manager in November 2020, however, my journey with Version 1 started a little before that. In March 2020, I was unemployed. I had been out of work for a few months and moved from Galway to Dublin. Throughout my job hunt, I anxiously watched the effects of the pandemic unfold around the world. With the introduction of the first lockdown, there were announcements that it would only last 6 weeks. As lockdowns were extended, with it came the uncertainty of the job market – cancelled interviews and rescinded offers. I did not see any of this coming! The world had slowed down, but I kept trying and stayed positive.

Fast forward to September 2020, when I received a message from a past colleague Brian Lenihan, asking how I was. ‘I hear you might be on the job market, is there anything I can do?’ Brian took my CV and put in a recommendation at Version 1, where he works. Soon after, I got an email from James Cregan, Talent Acquisition in Version 1 saying that they would like to have a call.

The Interview Process 

I began to research Version 1; wondering is this somewhere that I would like to work? I found a lot of information on the Version 1 website, like the 3 sides of the triangle – Customer Success, Strong Organisation and Empowered People. I liked what I saw, Customer Success was evident from the customer stories, Strong Organisation related to the services being offered and Empowered People came down to life at Version 1, including the employee engagement programmes.

Core Values

During my interview with James, I was a little bit nervous. It does not matter how many times I get interviewed; I always get nervous. However, James was reassuring by setting out the objectives of the interview and explaining the role requirements, they also talked about Version 1 as a company, the core values and career opportunities. I felt like the interview went well and I liked what James had to say about working at Version 1.

The next step was an interview with HR. When I did some more research, I learned about Version 1’s values. I really like what Version 1 stands for as their values resonate with my own. My interview with Nicola Synnott took place by Video call, Nicola was positive and empathetic towards the virtual interviewing process and I came away from the interview with a smile on my face. My interview process was such a positive experience.

The Final Interview 

At last, I had finally made it to the last step – an interview with Helen Ryan, the Hiring Manager and a representative from the Client whose project I would be working on. I looked up Helen on LinkedIn (let’s be real we all do it!) and saw that she had been with Version 1 a long time. Of course, another interview meant that I was nervous all over again. Helen was also understanding about virtual interviews and how they are new to everyone. We talked through my experience, what I could bring to the role and some situational questions. Helen also talked through some New Starter Insights. The interview felt like a real face to face conversation, at this point I really wanted to work for Version 1.

The Induction Process

I received a job offer and am now delighted to work at Version 1. The entire onboarding process was seamless from signing contracts virtually to getting my laptop couriered to me before my start date. On my first day, Helen rang me to talk through getting set up and what I need to do on day 1. IT support contacted me to get set up remotely and I had a check-in with HR. By the end of day 1, I knew what my week would look like.

My induction training was carried out virtually over 2 days with smaller meetings. Tom O’Connor our CEO joined and spent some time talking about Version 1 and what makes Version 1 what it is – Values, Strength in Balance, Customer Success and Community. He truly wants an engaging conversation with the new hires.

By the end of week 1, I knew what I was accountable for and my objectives, these were then built and expanded on during my first quarter. I also now understand how this creates value for the company. During my first few weeks, Niall Diggins was my buddy, he really helped me to navigate the induction period, any time I ‘pinged’ him, he would ring me as soon as he was available. Many Version 1 employees also gave me their time to talk about the organisation including case studies and customer success.

My Life at Version 1

I am now part of Version 1! I often get asked ‘so how has it been?’ or ‘what do you think of working for Version 1?’ My answer is this: I have had other jobs as a Delivery Manager, but what has blown me away at Version 1 is that everyone holds the core values as a part of themselves, they live those values personally, so it is not a chore to do it in your work life. Part of working here is not just knowing your area of expertise but having a customer-first approach, be honest and have integrity, strive to be excellent and avoid having an ego.

There are always opportunities to learn at Version 1, no one expects you to have all the encompassing knowledge. However, they will offer you learning tools, opportunities, and people to help expand and widen your knowledge. I have learnt a little about AWS migrations and tools to help conduct them. I have also learnt about Angular code, and how it began to where it is and I am no developer, but people gave me their time to teach me so I could be better at my job. Currently, I am learning about Power Apps and how Version 1 is using them to make a better digital world for its customers and its employees.

Even though I have joined remotely and work from home, I never feel like I am on my own. I talk to my manager regularly and through my manager, I have built a network of people. My team helped me get settled and took time out to offer advice and tips. I have met many people across different teams at Version 1, and everyone wants each other to be successful. There are many ways to engage with people with different areas of expertise and skills, you can be part of as many or few company activities as you prefer.

Version 1 expects the best of its people by rising to challenges and using opportunities to improve. It is a fast-paced world. Version 1 sets high standards for all three sides of the triangle.

Version 1 is made up by the people that work here.