“We had all better buckle our seat belts as we are in for an exciting next five years.”

Despite its longstanding place in business, ERP software is far from being a dormant area of technology and this is true for the innovative advancements changing the landscape of Oracle ERP platforms such as JD Edwards, E-Business Suite, and Oracle ERP Cloud.

ERP software is at the heart of enterprise organisations: it standardises, streamlines, and integrates business processes across human resources, distribution, finance, procurement and other departments. In a time where the pace of innovation in technology is accelerating rapidly, it stands to reason that enterprise organisations have high expectations for the capabilities of their ERP software.

In our recent blog post, we looked at Five Ways JD Edwards is Evolving in the Modernising World Of ERP and one of the most significant changes in the ERP world of recent years is that Oracle promises to further improve the way businesses operate through a new ‘Continuous Innovation’ approach to modifying core ERP systems.

This new Continuous Delivery Model involves the development and release of new features for customers of all platforms, including those on JD Edwards releases after 9.2.

Version 1 further explored this topic in a recent discussion with Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President of Oracle JD Edwards. In the Q & A, Version 1 discussed the future of JD Edwards, Continuous Delivery, Digital Transformation and Innovation with Lyle Ekdahl in addition to topics such as:

  • The benefits of Oracle’s Continuous Delivery Model for JD Edwards
  • The role that innovation will play in how JD Edwards will change over the next 5 years
  • Digital Transformation and how it is not just about embracing new technology

To download your copy of The Future of JD Edwards; A Discussion with Lyle Ekdahl Senior Vice President Oracle JD Edwards, please click here. 

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