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The Legal Aid Agency is an executive agency under the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) in the United Kingdom. It provides criminal and legal advice in England and Wales. 

Key Challenge

The Legal Aid Agency has a forward-looking technology strategy that fully embraces the use of Cloud Computing to improve service reliability and resilience whilst reducing costs and fully adhering to modern best-practice concepts such as ‘Infrastructure as Code’ everywhere.   


By working in close partnership with Amazon Web Services, a tailored architecture exactly matched to the underlying Cloud Platform has been developed to allow the migration of all legacy hosted applications to Cloud-based operation with the minimum friction whilst also benefiting from all of the benefits a modern cutting-edge Cloud Platform provides. 

Version 1 is engaged to provide a DevSecOps team to assist with the migration of a small number of remaining hosted applications, to provide infrastructure-level support for LAA operations, to investigate new Cloud features and optimisations which bring budgetary, operational, and/or efficiency benefits.   

Real Difference, Delivered

Version 1 will also work closely with Corporate Cyber-Security to ensure that all existing and future migrations also meet the very latest security recommendations and are secure in the face of future threats. There is a strong emphasis on continual improvement and so successfully migrating a formerly-hosted application to the Cloud is the starting point of Version 1’s remit: working closely with development teams, applications will be refactored to become increasingly cloud-native in their design and mode of operation, anticipating a near-term future where applications can further be migrated to run entirely upon Kubernetes.

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