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Customer Name: UK Government Department

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Customer Since: 2018

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Sector: Public Sector


One of the UK’s largest Government Departments, responsible for critical national infrastructure, undertook a strategic programme to modernise their legacy technology. Version 1 and other technology organisations were approached to support the Department on the mammoth undertaking to complete their goal of having most of their services in the cloud over the next few years.


The UK Department made a strategic decision to replace the existing obsolete, costly data centre mainframe system, which housed critical secure applications, with new AWS-based workloads. The existing mainframe was not supported from a hardware or software perspective, had numerous incidents and outages therefore posed a significant security and operational risk. The objective was to migrate the legacy system from data centres to AWS, innovate and optimise on the new platform making full use of modern AWS cloud services.

The UK Department recently took a pivotal step towards modernisation. Recognising the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities of their outdated data centre mainframe system, they embarked on an ambitious initiative to overhaul and upgrade their technological infrastructure. The former system, while once state-of-the-art, had over time become a drain on resources. It was riddled with a multitude of challenges, including prohibitive maintenance costs and the lack of contemporary support for both its hardware and software components. The repercussions of its age were evident: the system was plagued by recurrent incidents and unexpected outages. This hindered operations and also posed considerable security threats, risking sensitive data and crucial applications housed within.

To address these challenges head-on, the Department identified AWS as the preferred Cloud Provider. AWS, a leader in cloud-based services, promised the flexibility, scalability, and security that the Department sought. The overarching goal was clear: seamlessly transition from the entrenched, legacy system in the data centres to a dynamic, AWS-based environment. This was not just a mere transfer of data; it was an opportunity to rejuvenate and innovate. By adopting the AWS platform, the Department aimed to harness the modern cloud services on offer, enabling them to optimise operations, enhance security protocols, and foster a more agile and responsive system overall.

Why Version 1?

Version 1 have a strong history of collaboration with partners including AWS. The core values of Customer First’ and ‘No Ego’ are the priority when working on any customer engagements. Key benefits of our collaborative approach: include working in Agile frameworks to facilitate rapid progress, adapting to blockers and building in enhancements while adhering to compelling timelines.


Version 1 collaborated with 5 other technology organisations to expedite and magnify the intricate process of migrating an extensive legacy system Our vast experience in nurturing partnerships was evident in the way we integrated collaborative techniques throughout the programme’s lifecycle, ensuring each stakeholder was engaged and each step was strategically calibrated to meet the end goal.

It was a unified front, where each partner, having its own set of specialisations and expertise, operated under the “1-team” ethos. This collective approach was crucial in ensuring a cohesive, streamlined, and efficient migration process for the Department’s legacy mainframe system to the AWS platform.

The scope of the project did not stop at migration alone. It extended to laying down a robust foundation for future operations. As part of this endeavour, a shared-services function was designed and executed. This function was underpinned by an AWS Landing Zone, ensuring that the new environment not only accommodated the existing applications and data but also was primed for scalability, security, and optimal performance in the future. Through this multi-faceted collaboration, Version 1 and its partners showcased how the power of combined expertise could revolutionise and rejuvenate legacy systems for modern demands.

Real Differences, Delivered

  • Collaboration with 5 global AWS partners with over 350+ people working together; the single largest multi-account tenant in an AWS Landing Zone configuration on the platform
  • 10% reduction in overhead support costs
  • 99.9% uptime of the entire AWS Platform and migrated system
  • >100TB data migrated to AWS
  • 5000+ resource deployments to multi-AZs within the region
  • 51 unique AWS services used
  • >62 new features built, tested and deployed in less than 12 months.
  • Full automation and deployment of AWS resources
  • Security hardening and deployment of Splunk as a SIEM
  • Improved engineering experience to rapidly build, test, deploy fixes upgrades and POCs
  • Enhanced platform supportability by being able to quickly change the underlying platform
  • Increased operational excellence by providing a platform that has observability and ability recover from security and operational incidents
  • Reduced TCO migrating from legacy mainframe to AWS
  • Enhanced data quality and cleansing capability.

About Version 1

Version 1 proves that IT can make a real difference to our customers’ businesses. We are trusted by global brands to deliver IT services and solutions which drive customer success. Our team of difference-makers work tirelessly to provide independent advice and deliver impactful changes to help our customers navigate the rapidly changing Digital-First world we live in. Our greatest strength is balance in our efforts to achieve Customer Success, Empowered People and a Strong Organisation, underpinned by a commitment to our values. We believe this is what makes Version 1 different and more importantly, our customers agree.

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