Client Profile


The client is a major supermarket. Version 1 worked with the client to deliver a CI/CD platform, which is a method which speeds up delivery by introducing elements of automation into a development process. The team used Bitbucket, Jenkins, Nexus, Sonar and AWS/GCP. The client required an Integration Platform for their existing eCommerce Platform.

Key Challenge

The Integration Platform (IP) platform is architected to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) which offer a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. 

Transforming the existing eCommerce platform addresses the need for technological change and modernisation and will also deliver a significant impact on the wider business. 

The primary goals are to decrease technology overheads, whilst increasing revenue and continuously delighting clients with a seamless product to market journey. As well as to migrate off-premise, in order to decrease down-time and costs. 


Version 1 worked closely with development teams to enable the client to perform more frequent, smaller releases. This has involved build-engineering of automated processes to transform source code into deliverable products using Jenkins components (pipeline consisting of checkout, build, source code analysis, deploy to the relevant environment) and test-automation with Selenium Grid to integrate with AWS to allow for resources to dynamically auto-scale depending on test load.

Real Difference, Delivered

The website is now live with 100% of the customer base. Consumers need to be able to effortlessly pre-order products in high demand, otherwise, there is a high risk that they will lose market share to the competition.

The desired outcome of the completed project is a system that can handle a vast number of visitors without slowing down. Adopting cloud means they are now only scaling up or down depending on site traffic, whereas before their system had to provide for the maximum number of visitors at all times. This will result in huge cost and productivity savings as well as generating increased revenue and improved customer service. Since the new system went live, each customer is spending around £1.22 more on every online purchase.

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