Client Profile

Customer Name: Everise

Established: 2016

Employees: 10,000

Sector: Technology

Everise is a technology-enabled outsourcing firm with expertise in transforming healthcare and technology experiences globally. The company’s unique approach combines customer and technical support services with AI, robotic process automation, analytics, and secure cloud-based technology. Some of the world’s most loved brands have products and services that are perfected, protected, supported, and sold by Everise. 

Their innovative digital outsourcing services are high performing, scalable, secure, and agile, and have fluent proficiency in 32 languages, which helps brands to create seamless customer, product, digital, and home experiences. They strategically operate in seven markets to enable their partners to economically reach their customers across the globe. 

Version 1 was engaged to implement Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting (NSPB) levering the NSPB Framework to provide a solution for their financial statements reporting (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cashflow) and cost allocations on Actuals. Data was seamlessly integrated from their NetSuite ERP solution with the standard NSPB adaptor. 

We executed the project leveraging our proven NSPB implementation method and pre-built assets to accelerate the project, delivering a comprehensive solution that enables streamlined and automated reporting processes. Accessible data empowers users to analyze and report on their business in near-real-time.

Approach to Requirements, Design & Build 

Version 1 worked closely with Everise to review their reporting requirements. We guided the client through a process of identifying the key business requirements and capturing that information and logic in a new requirements template that was used as a reference point to validate the design and solution build. 

We then approached the requirements with a multi-dimensional design and tree structure of dependency tracking. Standardized naming and order of members for each dimension make future maintenance and enhancements easy. 

Custom requirements on Cost Allocations were captured accurately by each dimension, scope of source, basis of allocation, and receiver. We also built an Excel model to achieve the off-line logic for Cost Allocations to ensure the business logic was correct and converted it into Groovy-based calculation rules. 

We decided to use Groovy scripting to achieve better performance and to find the scope of potential intersections beforehand and before allocating the data. PowerShell-based batch automation was used and PowerShell framework has been built using a parametric and functions-based approach to re-use the code and ensure future scalability. 


Our approach is to train our clients early, so they understand the solution and products sufficiently to make informed decisions around their requirements, and design and be able to test the solution. We also provide training that enables the clients to administer the solution themselves and gives them the capability to make small changes or develop new forms and reports 

Testing & Go-live 

Version 1 worked with Everise to test the solutions early through showcasing and hands-on testing, demonstrating the solution and comparing it to the requirements, to ensure the solution worked as expected.  

We carefully planned the deployment, migrating all aspects of the solution and data & enabling the production integration. Post Validation Testing was done to check the solution behaved in the same way as the Test environment. 


  • There was no centralised reporting and planning solution for Everise’s FP&A teams.  
  • Complex cost allocation model for splitting the expenses from shared clients to all external clients.  
  • Need for near real-time data refreshes from ERP to EPM to allow teams to access the data across the time zones and support fast-tracked month-end close. 


Oracle NSPB with Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow financial framework. 

  • Cloud-to-cloud integration with NetSuite ERP.  
  • Drill-through capability to go from summarized data to Data Management’s transaction and further to NetSuite pages (to exact posting).  
  • Built custom BSO cubes for:
    • Revenue & Expense
    • Balance Sheet & Cash Flow
    • Cost Allocations.
  • Numerous automated calculations to support Cost Allocations.  
  • PowerShell and EPMAutomate based automation and schedules with future scalability. 

  • Streamlined and automated financial reporting process. 
  • Cloud SAAS FP&A system with proper access control, audit trail, and version control. 
  • Single platform to access the actual, planned & budgeted information (both financial and non-financial) from a single source. 
  • Seamless integration with client’s NetSuite ERP. 
  • Metadata management and data sourcing from a single source of truth. 
  • Multiple business insights achieved:
    • P&L by Venues, Locations, Verticals, Segments, Clients, Types, Products, Owners and Departments.
    • Cost Allocations are segregated by allocation rules.
    • Ability to access Pre-allocated, Allocated & Un-Allocated data.  
  • Automation of:
    • Hourly refresh of actuals from NetSuite to NSPB.
    • Twice a day cost allocation.
    • Error Handling and e-mail notifications.
    • Batch execution controls.