Client Profile

Customer Name: Classified

Sector: Banking

In the fast-paced world of global finance, a split-second advantage can make the difference between a winning trade and a missed opportunity. Our client – a global investment bank – faced a major challenge: it needed to make huge amounts of financial data accessible to its trading algorithms and analysts instantly. The aim was to use that data to inform up-to-the-minute decision-making that would give them a genuine competitive edge. The reality was that the bank’s existing data infrastructure just couldn’t deliver the lightning-fast access needed to compete at the very highest levels in financial markets. 

The bank had an extensive kdb+ data warehouse already in operation. The kdb+ application is a database system capable of handling massive volumes of financial data, but even highly optimised systems can struggle when immediate access to real-time market data is required. That made rapid trading decisions challenging as market conditions evolved.

The bank envisioned a seamless data flow, feeding its trading engines and analytical tools in real-time. The solution was to find a method to reduce data access times from seconds to milliseconds. That would empower the bank’s teams to make swift, informed decisions as the markets dictated them. However, the solution also needed to be flexible and adaptable enough to scale with the bank’s evolving needs.  

The bank turned to Version 1 for our expertise in kdb+. Our specialists designed a custom central caching solution, acting as a high-performance gateway between the bank’s huge data stores and its applications. The key was its ability to hold critical data in-memory for immediate access. We tailored this solution to deliver both real-time and historical asset class data. 

With the solution in place, analysts can get access to insights faster. Historical reference data is available alongside up-to-the-second market changes, and trading algorithms react more quickly without data retrieval delays. The work has translated from concept to competitive edge, allowing the bank to make crucial split-second decisions more confidently. Crucially, with thousands of daily users, robust failover safeguards ensure the system maximises up-time and can be relied upon 24/7.

What We Did 

  • Designed a custom central caching solution optimised for kdb+ 
  • Integrated in-memory data mapping for instant access to critical information 
  • Implemented the solution across all relevant asset classes 
  • Ensured scalability for future growth and evolving analytical requirements 
  • Established robust failover mechanisms for reliable, uninterrupted service