Client Profile

Customer Name: Classified

Sector: Data Analytics

A leading geospatial data analysis and visualisation specialist found it was constrained by its data infrastructure. With massive datasets to process, the company wanted to extract meaningful insights at speed and to be able to scale its capability up and down. To stay competitive, the company needed a solution that would not only handle a data deluge but would also allow it to scale its operations cost-effectively to deal with the unpredictable nature of client requests. Ultimately, it needed a powerful yet flexible data solution built for the cloud

The company approached Version 1 for help. To address its challenges, we designed and delivered a bespoke kdb+ architecture framework tailored to leverage the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS). A specialised high-performance database, kdb+ is explicitly built for handling large volumes of time-series data, a core element of the client’s geospatial analysis. We integrated the framework with its existing UI and harnessed the power of AWS’s scalability and security features via a user-friendly REST API. 

Our solution has transformed how the company operates, allowing it to effortlessly analyse massive geospatial datasets, delivering timely value to its clients. With scalability at its core, the solution easily ramps up or down based on demand, effectively optimising costs. This kdb+ framework on AWS has empowered our client to take on larger projects while accelerating the delivery of insights, meeting its client demands and fueling future growth. 


  • Built a tailor-made kdb+ architecture framework on AWS 
  • Integrated the framework seamlessly with the company’s existing UI 
  • Leveraged AWS security best practices 
  • Implemented a REST API for easy management 
  • Optimised costs with on-demand resource scaling 
  • Empowered the company to perform complex geospatial analytics at scale 
  • Accelerated time-to-insight for the company’s clients 

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