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Customer Name: Classified

Sector: Banking

Our client, a tier-1 investment bank, wanted to develop a research platform that would allow it to access and analyse its rich historical market data from the past 10 years to aid algorithm development and backtesting. However, tapping into its production systems to access the data risked damaging its performance. Furthermore, the solution would also need to meet the strict Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) demanded by the banking sector. And just to complicate things still further, the client insisted that the solution must be deployed without additional capital expenditure.  

Analysing a decade’s worth of market history would create a valuable treasure trove of data but posed some serious technical hurdles. Queries via the bank’s production systems could cause system slowdowns, negatively impacting customer experience. Building separate hardware for research was costly, and MiFID II reporting requirements meant the solution demanded accurate, timely data. 

The bank envisioned a solution that mirrored its production environment in real time. This secure ‘sandbox’ would allow researchers to analyse data without impacting core operations. Additionally, a solution that automated reports would ensure compliance and free up valuable resources for strategic analysis, not just data gathering. 

Our kdb+ specialists designed a system that replicated production data seamlessly. We implemented checks to ensure integrity and built a flexible backfill process for errors. Researchers are now able to access self-service data in isolated environments, safeguarding vital production systems. 

The impact of this solution was transformative. The bank now boasts a research platform that delivers the historical depth needed for insights. Automated reporting ensures MiFID II compliance while the production environment remains protected. Most importantly, researchers are free to focus on what matters – utilising data to drive smarter trading strategies. 


  • Established real-time data synchronisation from production to the research platform 
  • Built a secure, ‘sandboxed’ research environment 
  • Implemented data validation and backfill processes 
  • Designed a custom reporting framework for MiFID II compliance 
  • Automated report generation, improving time efficiency 

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