Client Profile

Customer Name: Rio Tinto

Established: 1873

Employees: 45,000

Sector: Mining

Driving performance excellence: A case study on Rio Tinto’s Pacific Aluminium’s business Enterprise Performance Management Platform upgrade and forecast process redesign. This case study focuses on Pacific Aluminium a prominent global aluminium producer, and its journey of implementing a world-leading Enterprise Performance Management platform in Oracle EPM. The implementation spanned several projects over a few years, including a Hyperion upgrade, integration of planning applications, and application data loading process improvement. The objective was to enhance financial planning, reporting accuracy, and operational efficiency within the organisation. 

Project Story

Pacific Aluminium is a multinational corporation operating in the aluminium industry. With operations across multiple countries, the company faced challenges in streamlining financial planning processes and ensuring consistency in reporting due to decentralised systems and processes. 

Pacific Aluminium initially engaged Version 1 to upgrade its EPM platform, specifically Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Financial Management (HFM). This is coupled with the redevelopment of the Budget and Forecast process. The upgrade aimed to leverage the latest features and functionalities, enhance system performance, and ensure compatibility with the evolving business needs of the organisation. 

To ensure the smooth functioning of HFM and Planning applications, Pacific Aluminium leveraged Version 1 as their extended system account team. This involved providing assistance, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance to address system issues, user queries and application enhancements. 

Pacific Aluminium worked with Version 1 to integrate its subsidiary, PacAl Planning application, with the Canada HQ Planning application. The project aimed to establish a unified planning framework across multiple locations, aligning financial planning processes and streamlining reporting. The integration allowed for better collaboration, consistency, and centralised control over planning activities. 

Real Differences, Delivered

Pacific Aluminium’s implementation of an EPM platform and associated projects highlight the importance of aligning technology, processes, and organisational goals. By upgrading systems, optimising performance, integrating planning applications, and improving data loading processes, Pacific Aluminium achieved enhanced financial planning, reporting accuracy, and operational efficiency. This case study underscores the positive impact an EPM platform can have on driving performance excellence in a global organisation like Pacific Aluminium. 

About Version 1

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