Client Profile

Customer Name: Severn Trent Water

Established: 1989

Customer Since: 2009

Employees: 5000+

Sector: Public Sector

Established in 1989, Severn Trent Water is a member of the Severn Trent Group of companies. Severn Trent Plc is an international utility services and environmental solutions company. The organisation serves over eight million customers across the heart of the UK, stretching from the Bristol Channel to the Humber and from mid-Wales to the East Midlands.

For companies on the scale of Severn Trent, sprawling Oracle estates make traditional software licensing models unwieldy and impractical. As a result they often turn to Oracle’s Unlimited License Agreement (ULA). The ULA allows companies to deploy limitless Oracle database software for an agreed up-front cost, usually over a three year period. At the end of the term, the customer is then required to make a usage declaration to Oracle so that the license quantities can then become fixed.

Strategic Advice and Guidance

In the case of Severn Trent Water, early 2009 saw the ULA come to the end of its three-year term and this date also fell in line with a review of the strategic direction for its database technologies. Under pressure from Oracle, the organisation had to do everything in its power to accurately declare its use of the database software while making precise decisions on its requirements for the next strategic period. Constrained by resources, time and deep specialist knowledge for the forthcoming program of work Severn Trent Water realised they needed help from experts in the field. Version 1’s reputation as the market-leading Oracle licensing expert, meant the company was already familiar with Version 1, and after a full review of Version 1’s capabilities, Severn Trent engaged with us for strategic guidance and advice in order to resolve the imminent pressures surrounding the declaration.

Version 1 Control™

The Version 1 team quickly got to work and kicked off its Software Asset Management Methodology; Version 1 Control™ service in order to fully understand the organisation’s usage, entitlement and optimal compliance position. By deploying specialist license consultants to examine Severn Trent Water’s network, Version 1 were able to obtain a comprehensive picture of its licensing estate. Version 1 consultants worked closely with Severn Trent’s IT department to quickly gather accurate intelligence about the assets under its control.

Oracle Expertise

Version 1 expert advice and deep knowledge of Oracle’s complex licensing structure allowed it to compare audit outputs with Severn Trent’s internal licensing position, and quickly identify its usage for accurate declaration in just four weeks. The Version 1 Control™ service did not stop at exploration and data analysis process. It was used to consult with Severn Trent’s IT department and systems architects to strengthen the organisation’s Oracle optimisation strategy and provided valuable insight into inventory, asset management and compliance management. As a result Severn Trent Water’s detailed license exploration and declaration project was completed on time and within budget, culminating in a comprehensive Oracle license asset register. Severn Trent Water’s register of usage enabled the company to strategically determine the next steps in its Oracle license agreement.

Ongoing Delivery of Benefits

Following the success of the ULA declaration, Severn Trent Water has chosen to continue to engage with Version 1 as its chosen software asset management consultant for Oracle. In this role, the Version 1 Control™ service can also provide ongoing license management consultancy, constantly reviewing and proactively managing the Oracle license estate to ensure compliance.

The service also provides pro-active and reactive advice, ensuring the most efficient licensing usage and further strengthening its vendor relationship.