Client Profile

Customer Name: Travelwin Group

Established: 2016

Customer Since: 2018

Employees: 12

Sector: Travel

Travelwin is an Irish company which creates problem-solving travel technology brands. Its Sim Local brand specialises in the selling and provisioning of SIM cards to international travellers, and has grown to be Europe’s leader in pre-paid travel technology solutions, acquiring customers in over 25 different markets on behalf of its Partner Networks.

In 2020, Version 1 announced the acquisition of digital consulting firm Singlepoint, the company’s 11th overall. With a strong market position in Ireland and longstanding customer relationships, Singlepoint has integrated with Version 1’s Digital and Cloud Practice, helping customers rapidly deliver digital transformation projects.

Customer Challenges

Travelwin had been using a traditional on-premise approach to POS hosting, but felt that innovating and streamlining their operations was essential to staying competitive and growing the business. The company wanted to find a more flexible and leaner way to operate their points-of-sale, without compromising security.  As Travelwin were embarking on a comprehensive digital transformation project, they wanted a more efficient, agile and cost-effective way to speed up time-to-market for new capabilities.
Scalability was another challenge, as Travelwin deliver their solutions at a global level.

Building the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for applications

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Version 1 carried out a Well-Architected Review of Travelwin’s AWS Accounts, allowing our Cloud architecture team to come up to speed with the current environment and provide recommendations with a view to laying the foundation for a solution that could scale up easily while ensuring security and reliability.

Version 1 implemented AWS best-practices, segregating workloads into multiple accounts by leveraging AWS Organizations. The framework enabled Travelwin to build new applications quickly and securely, while also allowing their team to operate legacy applications and workloads. Version 1 extended Travelwin’s current application stack, implementing microservices and containerising them. Operational aspects such as monitoring, logging and alarming was improved and fully automated. By leveraging infrastructure as code, we have achieved a consistent outcome when promoting the application stacks across multiple environments and reducing time to market.

Regular Well-Architected Reviews will be carried out to make sure that the solution keeps up with best practices as AWS services and offerings are updated frequently.

Real Differences, Delivered

Driving Customer Success

Travelwin has been able to achieve a best in class solution leveraging AWS products and services and applying DevOps best practices.

AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline were used to create a complete CI/CD pipeline providing fast and secure automated developments. Defined in AWS CloudFormation,  the pipelines can be reused and extended to add new services and applications as required.

By partnering with Version 1 for the migration of their point-of-sale to the AWS Cloud, Travelwin will now:
  • Be able to speed up POS software updates and rollout to new retail partners
  • Move to a pay-as-you-use model, rather than buying and maintaining server hardware
  • Ensure that the architecture is scalable, resilient, secure and cost-optimised
  • Apply AWS credits earned as part of the WAR against their running costs

This Cloud migration project has been a critical step in Travelwin’s journey towards complete digital transformation and re-platforming strategy, providing the building blocks on which Travelwin will create their new cloud-based eSim technology platform.