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Regulatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting at Version 1

Reporting on our Gender Pay in the UK since 2018, and Ireland since 2022.

Established in 2017, “gender pay gap reports” are the difference between the average hourly rate of pay between male employees and female employees. And at Version 1 we are committed to tackling inequality in our offices in any way we can. Ensuring that we foster an environment that has Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIBs) intersected into all that we do, and is central to achieving a great workplace and delivering well-rounded diverse business solutions for our customers.

Since officially publishing our gender pay gap reports in April 2018 we have continued with our desire to build a culture that is diverse, inclusive, and one where all perspectives are valued to ensure a sense of belonging. Diversity enriches our innovation and adds to our culture, and we recognise that we work best when we bring together different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences.

In 2022, Ireland officially launched their own Gender Pay Gap Reporting, and we are delighted to share in the new reporting metrics. These are slightly different from the UK, and therefore from 2022, we will be reporting on the UK and Ireland separately, publishing the data on our website in December of each year.