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The Central Government Azure Application Modernisation Playbook

Extract new value from legacy applications and adapt to the digital challenges for Central Government with Application Modernisation.

Application modernisation and the improvement of legacy systems have been key areas of focus for Version 1 and Microsoft in recent years with the opportunities for enhancement presented by Cloud computing and Microsoft’s continuous release of helpful workplace solutions.

However, modernising pre-existing or legacy IT really took off at scale following the outbreak of COVID-19 in March of 2020, elevating Application Modernisation from a medium priority to the top of the list of concerns for business leaders. We’ve reached a point in time where tackling Legacy Estates is no longer put on the long finger and has instead become an imperative for all.

From the quick rollout of Microsoft Teams to enable communication and collaboration, to running HR Processes through Dynamics, our customers in the UK’s Central Government jumped into action to maintain optimum levels of service and output during the lockdown. While some organisations chose to utilise the Power Platform for citizen-facing apps, others leveraged Workplace Analytics, using measurable outcomes at both business unit and individual levels to help track success.

In terms of our customers’ evolving priorities for 2021, better use of data is a key driver for Government, not just because of the greater level of interoperability the Covid-19 situation requires from our Public Services, but also because of the commitment Government has made to great efficiency and value for the Public Purse. Tackling the Legacy Debt remains the most important challenge – as this is the true ‘first step’ in creating that modern Data environment.

With an insightful foreword by Aaron Prior (Senior Industry Executive, Central Government Team, Microsoft), the Central Government Azure Application Modernisation Playbook gives you a deep-dive into Version 1’s insider-view into Application Modernisation with Azure. From the key distinctions and tangible benefits associated with modernisation through to the most common ‘modernisation triggers’, gain access to the collective expertise of Version 1 and Microsoft in this exclusive playbook.