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Tips, Considerations & Gotchas for Oracle Application Licensing

October 29, 2020

Learn more about Oracle application licensing gotchas, cost optimisation opportunities and how to be better prepared for a vendor audit

This session was recently hosted at our virtual event ”Oracle Applications Day 2020″ by Jennie Brown, License Consultant, Version 1. Jennie shares the most common Oracle Application Licensing challenges that we see in our client engagements and provides insights on how to side-step pitfalls, take advantage of cost optimisation opportunities and ultimately be better prepared for an Oracle license audit.

  • Housekeeping: The often-overlooked element within an Oracle Application license estate, which ironically can create the biggest compliance concern when it comes to an Oracle Audit.  Learn how to be better prepared with housekeeping tips.
  • Roles & Responsibilities: Another area of complexity that can remain undiscovered until an audit.  Management of roles and responsibility assignment within applications is critical to ensuring appropriate license coverage and compliance. Learn more on what to look out for and how to better prepare for an audit.
  • Oracle Technology: Very often the Oracle Applications, databases and servers are managed by different teams with different responsibilities and objectives.  Staying on-top of technology licensing means paying attention to all elements. Learn more about potential areas of concern and ways to avoid non-compliance.
  • Moving to Oracle Fusion: License considerations and commercials based on a move to Oracle Fusion.  Learn more about license impacts on your on-prem estate and replicating your current application environment in the cloud.
  • 3rd Party Support: With pressure on reducing spend and ongoing OpEx, the impulse to consider less expensive 3rd party support for your Oracle estate is difficult to ignore.  Understand more about what 3rd party support actually means, the pitfalls and some considerations for reducing ongoing support.

Learn more about Version 1’s Oracle License Optimisation to take control of your Oracle License Estate.

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