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Migrating Oracle & Complex Systems to Azure: Strategies for Successful Cloud Adoption

December 18, 2020

Are you looking to Migrating Oracle & Complex Systems to Azure?

Watch this exclusive webinar, presented by Version 1’s UK Advisory Services, Roger Whitehead, who discusses the benefits of migrating legacy systems to Azure. This webinar is aimed at senior IT decision-makers and provides information and guidance to help successfully migrate Oracle and other complex systems to Azure. This session will give attendees a high-level view of:

  • The feasibility of migrating complex legacy systems to the Cloud considerations and approaches to overcoming and mitigating specific Oracle workload migration challenges.
  • The benefits of thinking beyond a pure ‘lift and shift’ Oracle migration approach in order to optimise the build and extensibility of relevant target platforms for future transformation.
  • The range of onward and related data transformation possibilities that the wider Azure ecosystem can enable.

Learn more about Migrating Oracle & Complex Systems to Azure quickly, safely and successfully. Version 1’s methodology for migrating Oracle environments to Microsoft Azure is highly beneficial to enterprise organisations seeking a rapid and agile approach to cloud migration.

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