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Accelerating Migration to Enable Innovation and AI

September 14, 2023

Join Danish Muhammad, Senior Consultant, Office of the CTO, and Owen Tuz, AWS Lead for this online webinar replay.

Today, there’s a near-universal agreement on the benefits of adopting the cloud, made even more attractive by the rapid evolution of innovative technologies like generative AI.

However, many businesses still experience unnecessary setbacks in their journey. In fact, when not planned correctly cloud migration projects often stall, going way over budget in time and resources.

 83% of migration projects fail and more than 50% exceed their budget – Gartner.

This leaves the question; how can we plan a cloud journey that sets our business up for the future? And why is the emphasis on discovery?

Join Danish Muhammad, from Version 1’s Office of the CTO & Owen Tuz, AWS Lead, to learn how to conduct an effective discovery and accelerate your planned migration work, enabling innovative AI solutions in the process.

Topics covered:

  • Why the discovery phase is the keystone of any successful migration, and how to execute it effectively
  • How to plan the fastest and most efficient migration, and the tools available to facilitate this
  • Future-proofing your estate and managing technical debt by building innovation into your migration project
  • Lessons Learned as AWS Migration Partner of the Year