Snowflake Services Select Partner

Version 1 – Partnering with Snowflake to accelerate customers’ data and AI Initiatives

One platform to enable what’s possible with data

As a Snowflake Services Select partner, Version 1 enables customers to leverage Snowflake’s flexibility, performance, and ease of use to deliver more meaningful insights for business decisions. Version 1’s vast industry knowledge and expertise helps maximise the value of your Snowflake deployment.

The benefits of working with Snowflake Data Cloud Platform and Version 1

Our team of Snowflake experts help you get the most from your data cloud platform:

  • Ease of platform integration, instant elasticity, and lowered total cost of ownership.
  • Near limitless scalability built on a cloud-native platform.
  • Simplified application deployment with integrated apps built on the platform.
  • Integrated functionality to incorporate generative AI into data, empowering teams to maximise the value of the data by identifying the right data points, assets, and insights.

How Version 1 can help with your Snowflake deployment

Version 1 provide a tailored service built from experience with management and deployment that guarantees a quick return on investment on your organisation’s Snowflake investment. We offer: 

  • Strategic level vision and roadmap creation  
  • Solution design and architecture 
  • A scalable team that can customise Snowflake offerings for your estate 
  • Tactical data engineering and support 
  • Data and platform migrations 
  • AI integrations and support 
  • Data visualisation and business intelligence reporting 
“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Snowflake, a new collaboration that lets us provide our customers with a seamless and efficient data management experience, giving them faster and more accurate data insights. There's no doubt about the positive impact this partnership is going to have on our customers' data modernisation and AI initiatives."
- Enda Diggins, Managing Director, Digital, Data and Cloud, Version 1

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