Strength in Balance

The Version 1 Difference

Defined by our commitments

We work hard to deliver on three commitments; making a real difference for our customers, building an empowering culture and growing a strong organisation for the future. Those looking for a short term result or an easier road might sacrifice one benefit for another, but at Version 1 we never have, and never will. We know that our greatest strength is balance across all three; our customers, people and company. This is The Version 1 Difference. 

The Shape of Success

  • Customer Success

    Making a real difference through long-term, outcome-focused relationships – success that fulfils our people and fuels our growth.

  • Empowered People

    Deliberately selecting, empowering and trusting people who are wired to deliver customer success - an empowerment that drives customer loyalty and organisational strength.

  • Strong Organisation

    A high-performing, financially strong organisation of the highest integrity – a strength that empowers our people and delivers customer success.

Two people and laptop

Customer Success

Quarter by quarter, making a real difference for our customers

We operate to a sustained quarterly rhythm. Each quarter, with each customer, we set specific goals and survey satisfaction. If our impact flags in any quarter, or satisfaction dips, our team react immediately with specific actions. Over time this outcome-focused approach is guaranteed to make a real difference for our customer and build a strong, long term relationship.

98% customer retention rate

Our customers repeat their business with us year on year.

25+ year customer relationships

We build long-term outcome-focused relationships.

8.5 customer satisfaction score

Our customers rate us consistently high out of 10 in our Customer Surveys.

group of people smiling

Empowered People

Selecting, empowering and trusting people who are wired to deliver customer success

The range and capability of technology today is truly amazing but without great people nothing happens. Those with the ability to see what is really needed, the tenacity to jump all the hurdles, customer focused, totally committed, no ego, hell bent on delivering results – they are the ones that make the real difference – they are the ones we seek, nurture and empower.

87% employee engagement

Consistently scoring world class employee engagement in our quarterly surveys

3000+ strong workforce

One of the fastest growing IT services teams in Europe

Over 50% promotion rate

Over 50% of our employees received a promotion last year, in recognition of their efforts in delivering Customer Success

20+ year careers

Our employees stay with us longer than average, progressing their careers continuously. Our first employee from 1998 is still with us!

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

At Version 1, we’re proud that our differences make us unique. We believe that fostering a diverse and inclusive environment is central to achieving a workplace in which every employee feels that they belong.

DIB's at Version 1

Health and Wellbeing

At Version 1 we want our employees to be healthy and live well. We strive to promote a culture of positive health and wellbeing daily and we invest in a strong culture of wellness through programs, activities and resources.

Health and Wellbeing

Strong Organisation

High-performing, financially strong organisation of the highest integrity

Trust based upon sustained progress, strong financial performance and growth. Our people, serve 650+ customers across all industries. The strength, scale and resources to make a real difference for our customers.

€350+ million in turnover

Strong financial performance enables operational excellence for our organisation and success for our customers.

Global partnerships

Enhanced partnerships and accolades with our global technology partners; Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services

25+ years expertise

Years of market leadership and innovation that makes a real difference to our customer’s businesses

100+ awards

Award-winning IT service provider, recognised by our industry, our customers and our partners.

I firmly believe we have built something special in Version 1, a uniqueness based on a Version 1 way of doing things that helps differentiate us. Most services companies struggle to answer the question ‘what’s unique about you’, we don’t. Our balanced approach to achieving success has been twenty years in the making and our relentless focus on preserving it is why we still have customers with us from when we first opened our doors 25 years ago.
- Tom O' Connor, CEO of Version 1

Wired to Deliver

Every decision we make is governed by six core values. They are simply stated, non-negotiable and ever present.

Honesty and Integrity
Telling customers what they need to hear – not what they want to hear.
Personal Commitment
Being accountable and keeping commitments.
No Ego
Having an open, helpful and ‘No Job Too Small’ attitude.
Customer First
Actively seeking customer feedback to understand your business.
Good enough is never our objective. We solve tough problems and make innovative suggestions.
Our customers are accustomed to working with driven, results focused Version 1 people.